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The most integrated isolator line in the industry

A joint cross-company development project by groninger and SKAN resulted in a unique line concept for vial processing- aptly named INTEGRA. The INTEGRA product family is a sophisticated line concept that integrates both isolator and filling machine to grant a unique customer experience. This vision shared by groninger and SKAN has been realized in the shortest period of time. Available with different lines, with a speed up to 400 objects/minute and a standardized isolator technology, INTEGRA becomes the latest member of the groninger and SKAN business line. Also, groninger and SKAN are breaking new ground visually.

The innovative product family already sends a clear message with its purist design.


  • Fastest decontamination process solution by micronebulization of H2O2 within an embedded and proven system
  • Exclusive cleaning validation procedure for aseptic high potent/toxic product processing developed by SKAN
  • Highest machine efficiency: minimal product loss during run-in and run empty modes eliminate waste and consequently increase profit
  • Shortest set-up time: the servo-adjustable walking beam eliminates around 50% of the overall format parts
  • Unique operator friendliness: the ultra slim machine design grants optimal access to operate the entire line from just one side
  • Short distance to filling machine derived as a result from ergonomic studies

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