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The AT-Port™ System is a smart connecting system that allows safe liquid transfer across a wall between two areas with different containment classifications. It was developed by Aseptic Technologies to allow safe and easy transfer of liquid products across the wall between two areas with different containment classifications.The AT-Port™ System is suitable for aseptic transfer, but also for safe transfer to highly contaminated environments.The AT-Port™ System can be used either to transfer product from traditional vessels or as part of a fully disposable fluid handling system.

Key advantages:

  • Integrity: no sterility or toxicity breach; ensures grade A continuity for aseptic processes,
  • Fast operation: aseptic connection is performed in few seconds,
  • Multiple uses: the same Connector Device affords up to 5 connections / disconnections,
  • Safety: internal Port cannot be open without Connector Device locked in place;the Connector Device cannot be removed when the internal Port is not closed,
  • Quality: 100% air leak test of the Connector Device.



AT-CONNECT™ is a ready-to-use device for aseptic liquid transfer through a wall, minimizing product loss. It has been designed by Aseptic Technologies to avoid product loss during aseptic liquid transfer operations through a wall.The device ensures connection of small diameter tubing thanks to an integrated luer lock. Application AT-CONNECT™ is used with an AT-Port™ Port allowing safe and quick connection based on Alpha-Beta concept. The sterile internal tubing that is terminated by the luer lock is exposed only within the containment.


IMG 9611

AT-CONNECT™ is used for:

  • Liquid product entry prior aseptic filling operations
  • Low volumes transfer operations
  • Placing of a dosing system (pump) outside of the containment.

Key advantages:

  • Less product loss : thin tubing only,
  • Aseptic assurance : reduced operations within containment,
  • No direct contact : no product contact part other than silicone tubing;


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