Press - SKAN creates further jobs in Germany

news goerlitz neue halle 2017

This is what the SKAN grounds in Germany will look like at the end of next year: The white halls already exist, the highlighted ones will be added.


The Saxon newspaper writes:

Swiss world market leader is expanding Görlitz location

SKAN GmbH in Hagenwerder is profiting from the upswing in the pharmaceutical industry. And needs more employees.

Anyone driving through the industrial and commercial district of Hagenwerder cannot miss the advertising panel of the Swiss mechanical engineer SKAN. Under the heading "We are looking for", all open positions are published: electricians, service technicians, stainless steel grinders. No space remains unused on the board. The company is continually looking for employees. Three years ago when SKAN started producing in the South of Görlitz, they had about ten employees, now they are employing 100 employees...

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