Foundation of SKAN Japan

At October, 06th, 2011 SKAN Japan was officially founded. SKAN Japan has its beginning in the long lasting and successful cooperation of the Swiss company SKAN AG and the Japanese company CLIPX in the field of sales and service support for isolator systems for the pharmaceutical industry in Japan.

SKAN Japan has its domicile in Okinawa, Japan and is managed by Koji Ushioda as president and partner. With currently six employees SKAN Japan will continue to ensure sales, qualification and after sales support for SKAN isolator systems in the Japanese market. Furthermore in cooperation with a Japanese production partner a unique business model for the realization and production of pharmaceutical isolator systems for the Japanese market is formed. Already today isolator systems for the Japanese market take a significant part in project volume of SKAN AG. With the foundation of SKAN Japan SKAN AG did an additional and relevant step in the internationalization of its isolator business and further assures an advantageous access to the important Japanese pharmaceutical market.