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Powder Processing Isolator

Perfect environmnt for hazardous substances



  • „„Established process for API handling (Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients)
  • „„Protection of both employees and environment
  • „„Process according to GMP
  • „„Prevention of cross contamination in a multi-purpose facility
  • „„Acceptance of the authorities


API processing isolators from SKAN stand for customized high-end isolator technology for flexible purposes with ergonomic design for easy operation. A strong focus is set on fast cleaning/turn-around and safety for maintenance personnel. Accurate air conditioning (temperature, humidity, O2) with selectable setpoints is also a key aspect.


  • „„Flexible use for multi-purpose facilities
  • „„Automatic leak test
  • „„Optional explosion proof design
  • „„Full wash-down design with automated WIP
  • „„Integrated H2O2 decontamination system
  • „„Suitable for all GMP cleanroom classes


Brochure: pdfPowder processing isolators for the safe handling of API