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Safe and rapid transfer of precious content
The airlock with gentle H2O2 decontamination by micro-nebulization



  • A safe and rapid material transfer process
  • Interface between areas with different cleanroom classifications
  • A decontamination process that reduces the bioburden on materials passing through
  • Fully validated and automated transfer process


SKANFOG® SARA is a safe and rapid material airlock with integrated SKANFOG® technology for a fast and gentle bio-decontamination transfer process. The stainless steel design is suitable for different cleanroom classifications. With its modular design, SKANFOG® SARA is available in three standard sizes and can also be adapted to customer requirements. Even loaded, very rapid cycle times are available.

Features and sizes

  • Total kill of a 106 population of G. stearothermophilus can be validated and is reproducible
  • Once-through unidirectional air flow, integrated catalytic converter and powerful fan for fast decontamination
  • Smart air flow guidance means fewer interfaces and easy installation
  • Automatic leak testing before each decontamination cycle for maximum safety
  • Sealed doors with smart interlock system for minimised risk of bioburden and contamination
  • Very rapid cycle time


Brochure: SKANFOG® SARA – The airlock with gentle H2O2 decontamination by micro-nebulization