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Electron Energy Brought to Perfection



  • Decontamination of all the exterior surfaces of pre-sterilised tubs with nested syringes
  • A continuous aseptic transfer of pre-sterilised tubs into high speed filling lines which is quick, safe and simple
  • A highly stable system with low maintenance requirements
  • Easy qualification and validation of the whole system
  • High level of acceptance by the FDA and other inspecting authorities


With more than 25 kGy radiation energy on every surface, the SKAN electron beam (E-Beam) tunnel guarantees the sterile transfer of syringe or vial tubs into an aseptic filling line isolator. The tunnel is specially designed to facilitate a continuous process with a high throughput of objects. The proven durability of the emitter technology is the core technology of the SKAN tunnel.


  • Easy access to the E-Beam for cleaning, maintenance and the rapid exchange of emitters
  • Small footprint to save space (2.4 x 1.2 m)
  • Lead shielding in a sandwich structure: stainless steel – lead – stainless steel (GMP compliant, AISI 316L/304, polished to Ra 0.8/1.2 μm)
  • Smooth and direct transportation of tubs at the same level as the filling line with very low particle emission
  • Integrated H2O2 decontamination system (independent of isolator)
  • Controlled transportation of tubs with
    • position monitoring
    • speed measurement
    • arc handling feature (return transportation possible)
    • jog feature (manual transportation forwards and backwards)
  • Air flows in and out are HEPA-filtered


Brochure: pdfE-Beam: Continuous tub decontamination with long life and high efficiency electron-beam emitters

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