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Open and Closed RABS

Reliable protection of product and process



  • Reliable safety for process and operator
  • Aseptic working conditions: free of particles and microbiological contaminations
  • Physical barrier between operators and the product
  • GMP cleanroom class A (ISO 5)
  • Upgrade of existing aseptic filling equipment


The RABS system serves to physically separate the product and process from the production environment and operators. Designed according to GMP guidelines, RABS from SKAN are Swiss made products and feature premium quality.


The RABS from SKAN are designed to ensure aseptic filling in a clean and safe environment.

  • Providing cleanroom class A (ISO 5) laminar flow within a class B (ISO 7) area ensures process protection
  • Flow optimized barrier design
  • Integrated glove system for process interventions
  • High-quality design
  • Negative pressure filter plenum for additional product safety
  • Door access audit trail
  • GMP compliant documentation


Brochure: Restricted Access Barrier System – Reliable Protection of Product and Process