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  • „„Easy-to-use glove leak tester (quick and safe)
  • „„„„Reduced throughput time
  • „„Reliable test results
  • „„„„On-the-spot testing
  • „„Cleanroom-compliant
  • Simultaneous testing of several gloves


WirelessGT, the most advanced and fully automated glove leak testing system with pressure decay measurement for isolators and RABS in the pharmaceutical industry. The system is easy to operate and works without any tubes or wires. All the functions needed to perform a reliable glove leak test are integrated in the battery-powered device. The testing method consists of monitoring the pressure loss of the glove over a specific period.


  • „„Wireless communication with the PC
  • „„Testing periods of 15 minutes upwards, depending on the glove material and accuracy required
  • Special test techniques for different types of gloves
  • „„User-friendly handling, cGMP-compliant testing
  • „„Secure recognition of the tested glove port by RFID
  • „„Detects holes larger than100 μm
  • „„Suitable for use in cleanrooms
  • „„Test pressure up to 3500 Pa
  • All of an isolator's gloves can be tested simultaneously
  • „„On-the-spot testing without having to remove the gloves


Brochure: pdfWirelessGT – The innovative Glove Leak Testing System

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