H2O2 Roomdecontamination

Excellent results in H2O2 decontamination



  • Guarantee that deep microbiological contamination is kept under control
  • Safety in personnel air locks and material air locks, operational and laboratory areas and in pharmaceutical production and pharmaceutical preparation rooms
  • Process capable of validation
  • Faster, more robust and more environmentally friendly process, which produces no toxic residue and does not affect surrounding areas


Introducing H2O2 into rooms through a fumigation process reduces the bacterial contamination on surfaces, filters, integrated and stand-alone materials and equipment. It also hinders the spread of bacteria and prevents bacterial contamination during changeovers (products, patients etc.). This decontamination process can be validated using chemical and biological indicators.


  • Highly flexible, can be used in both large and small rooms. Fast and safe to handle, non-hazardous, low toxicity, non-carcinogenic
  • Non-corrosive, non-persistent
  • Leaves no residue, only harmless by-products
  • Broad spectrum of efficacy (bacteria, viruses, yeasts, spores)
  • High kill rate, up to log6
  • Good material compatibility


Skanair® SolidFog and Dosymist are also used by SKAN's service team for room decontamination. Important parameters are documented so that they can be reproduced. The specialised SKAN laboratory is on hand for all accompanying microbiological validations.

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