SKAN AG and Aseptic Technologies S.A. entered into a collaboration agreement

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Basel, June 20th, 2011 – SKAN AG, a leader in barrier isolator technology, is pleased to announce that it entered in a technology collaboration agreement with Aseptic Technologies, an innovative aseptic filling company, to offer joint products to their respective clients.


Under this agreement SKAN and Aseptic Technologies will offer joint products, i.e., Aseptic Technologies filling equipment installed in SKAN barrier systems . The aseptic filling technology, called Crystal® Closed Vial Technology is based on the concept of using closed, clean and sterile vials, hence "ready-to-fill" vials. The vials are filled with a special needle piercing the stopper and the closure integrity is restored thanks to a laser re-sealing process. SKAN offers a wide range of most advanced barrier concepts including isolators and RABS to handle a wide range of pharmaceutical products including highly potent and biohazard substances. This combination will offer the best quality in terms of innovative aseptic filling solution for the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry. The collaboration includes the acquisition of a minority shareholder position of SKAN AG in Aseptic Technology.

Volker Sigwarth, CEO of SKAN AG, commented: "In our Spirit of Together Always One Step Ahead we are delighted to have reached this agreement with Aseptic Technologies. This enables us to offer to our clients the most advanced technologies available for aseptic filling of vials. Our core competence can be defined as Safety by Containment. We see the Closed Vial Technology as a mini-isolator environment and therefore being fully complementary to our technology focus, core market segment and customer base".

Patrick Balériaux, Managing Director of Aseptic Technologies, commented: "For a young innovative company as Aseptic Technologies, this collaboration with the market leader SKAN is a real opportunity that opens new perspectives for the Crystal® Closed Vial Technology. The combination of the SKAN know-how with our "safer and easier" technology defines the future of aseptic filling".



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