Sterility testing at a new spectrum

SKANFOG® SPECTRA isolator, for QC laboratories and pharmaceutical production


Your needs:

  • Aseptic/ toxic environment
  • Safety for operators, products, and environment
  • Quick decontamination cycle and material transfer
  • Flexible design for various requirements


Our solution:

SKANFOG® SPECTRA is the latest version of SKAN isolator technology specially developed for aseptic and aseptic-toxic applications. Preferred areas are sterility testing, quality testing laboratories, and industrial preparations.



  • SKANFOG® technology = faster H2O2 decontamination
  • Short transfer time through the airlock and work chamber
  • Easy room integration and airflow (room to room)
  • Easy to operate
  • Stainless steel construction and safety glass windows
  • GMP cleanroom class A, ISO 5
  • Developed and documented according to GAMP



  • Airlock
  • Integrated sterility test pump
  • Positive or negative pressure operation mode
  • Particle counter / Air sampler
  • Integrated Wireless Glove Tester (WGT)
  • Customization to suit your requirements
  • Training available


pdfDownload SKANFOG® SPECTRA Brochure

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