10 years of SKAN US

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SKAN US was founded in January 2006 as the first international affiliate of SKAN to reinforce SKAN’s presence in the North American market, where the request for isolator systems was constantly increasing.

At the very beginning, SKAN US had its residence in Denver, Colorado, in a partnership with IP Systems. The pioneering team there was formed by Paul Ruffieux (as first president of SKAN US), Jim Spoylar and Bill Friedheim (both responsible for sales) and Brian Smith (for sales support and project management).

Since 2010 SKAN US is managed by Larry Cabeceiras as president and in 2011 SKAN US was relocated to its new office building in Raleigh, North Carolina. Today, SKAN US has 15 employees and supports the company's North American customer base with sales, services and project management. It is also in charge of all relevant administrative tasks. The professional sales & marketing organization of SKAN US realized about 40% of the total order receipt of the entire SKAN group in 2015. The US service organization was strongly extended into a competent and effective team with an independent administration team.

The presence in the North American market will noticeably increase in the next years – and with this also the importance of SKAN US for the success of the entire company.


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