SKAN successful with glove leak testing system WirelessGT - number 1000 sold to GSK Singapore


GSK Singapore receives the 1000th sold WirelessGT

A proven technology solution made in Switzerland

The use of gloves to reach into and work inside of isolators is a common method, but also involves a risk of contamination that should not be underestimated. Therefore, it is crucial to check the tightness of the gloves. In order to meet that need SKAN launched the WirelessGT, a fully automated glove tester, in 2013. Since then it has been successfully used for isolators and RABS in the pharmaceutical industry. Now SKAN is very proud that GSK Singapore has purchased the 1000th WirelessGT (see picture). 83% of those thousand glove testing systems were sold for SKAN isolators and 17% for isolators of other manufacturers. 100 went to India, the rest to the US and Europe. In contrast to the pressure-retaining method used in the past, WirelessGT uses the so-called pressure-decay method. The system is closed during the test period and at the end of the time it is measured how much pressure has been lost. This leak testing method has proven successful.

Simon Keser, sales engineer at SKAN, is delighted at the success of the WirelessGT. He adds: "For users, however, it is not only important to know the hardware, a comprehensive risk analysis is also required. We show them how to handle the gloves best and inform them about the changing cycle. Bioburden control and the risks that the machine in the isolator bears regarding the glove are important aspects that need to be kept in mind".

The press also wrote about this milestone: Pharma+Food and Contamination Control Report 



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