Kantonsapotheke Zürich: 2019 Category Winner for Operational Excellence

news Kantonsapotheke Zrich Award 20190626

 Every year, the ISPE (International Society for Pharmaceutical Engineering) honors the most innovative facilities in the pharmaceutical sector with the Facility of the Year Award.

The Cantonal Pharmacy Zurich (KAZ) was honored in the category "Operational Excellence". The new building is a showpiece and sets new standards for future compounding pharmacies.

We congratulate the Kantonsapotheke Zürich on the award. 

news Kantonsapotheke Zrich BernerClaire 20190626

For the safety of the users as well as the protection of the products the KAZ relies on systems and services of SKAN Pure Solutions.

A large number of employees work every day at a Berner Claire safety cabinet (picture).

The KAZ supplies the cantonal hospitals in Zurich with a variety of medicines, often individualized. All products are manufactured under industrial cGMP conditions. This is an important milestone for hospital pharmacies. From the diagnostic test to the injection with the patient, it takes only 60 to 90 minutes (including production, release and transport) – an astonishing value.

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