groninger and SKAN reinforce longstanding partnership

The long-standing international partnership between SKAN AG – the world's largest provider of isolator technology – based in Allschwil near Basel, Switzerland and Groninger, the special machine manufacturer located in the German town of Crailsheim, was consolidated into a cooperation agreement on 6 July 2011.

In an agreement ratified by both sides, the successful relationship between the two companies is to be stabilized and expanded further. "Despite the continued positive situation on the global markets and the optimistic forecasts for the pharmaceutical industry, increasing amalgamation of all technological components will continue to be expected by our customers in the future. From the customer's perspective, optimal solutions are those that technically integrate all elements perfectly without the need for extensive coordination", says Jens Groninger, CEO of the machine manufacturer of the same name.

Thomas Huber – Chief Management Officer at SKAN AG – emphasized that the agreement was accompanied by two strategic objectives for both partners.

The one aim is to ensure ongoing process optimization in joint projects, not only in project management but also in the joint development of specific system solutions and service offerings. "We have defined clear responsibilities with a view to ensuring the achievement of our objectives, and will be monitoring them on an ongoing basis. Both companies see this as part of the effective strategy of a systematic market and customer orientation", says Volker Sigwarth (CEO of SKAN AG).

The other objective is to ensure that these synergies are passed on to the customer. Both partners anticipate significant technological and economic advantages for their customers In the pharmaceutical industry over the coming years.

This cooperation agreement is also an expression of a basis of trust that has grown over a period of years, of respect for the achievements of the other party and of the possibilities of a successful partnership, says Jan Glass (CFO of Groninger & co. GmbH).


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